Athena's Detail Cleanings


Shower walls, shower floors, and bathtubs cleaned and disinfected|

Shower doors cleaned, disinfected and shined  

Mold and Mildew chemically treated

Toilets cleaned and disinfected

Mirrors and chrome fixtures cleaned and shined

Fronts of cabinets spot checked

Baseboards wiped

Floors cleaned and disinfected/ carpets and rugs vacuumed

Cobwebs removed

General dusting

Kitchen and Eating Area

Counter tops cleaned

Outside of range hood cleaned

Stoves cleaned and shined

Drip pans cleaned

Microwave wiped inside and out

Fronts of all appliances cleaned

Sinks cleaned and disinfected, chrome shined

Floors vacuumed and mopped

Cobwebs removed

General dusting

Doors and frames spot cleaned for fingerprints

Outside of cabinets spot cleaned for fingerprints and food splatter.

Bedroom and Living Areas

All surfaces damp cloth dusted

Cobwebs removed

Window sills and ledges damp wiped

Mini blinds dusted

Ceiling fans high dusted

Lampshades dusted

Heavy nick-knack areas feather dusted

Picture frames dusted

Stair areas dusted and vacuumed

Uncluttered closet floors vacuumed

All readily accessible floors vacuumed

Wood floors vacuumed and mopped  

Furniture and upholstery vacuumed


We also provide a service we call our special cleans.

We clean the inside of your refrigerator.

We clean the inside of your ovens.

We do all windows on the inside; we can do the outside as long as they fold in.

We scrub all wood in your home. Door frames, baseboards, doors any wood you want done.


We do garage cleanings and organizing in the warmer weather, we can also do them

In the colder weather as long as the garage is heated.

We do unfinished basement cleanings and organizing.

We do attic cleaning and organizing.

We do charge hourly for the special cleans. Every clean is different so these were hard to put a price on. We want to make this fair to both you and us.